Evergreen has been located at 6th and Main Street since 1939.
About Us

Casual Fine Dining   Rochester, IN

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Every dish is prepared to order with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, seasonal locally grown organic produce, fresh herbs and spices to make your meal an experience to remember.
We can accommodate a small group or a larger party
with advanced reservations (max seating 75)
With a warm and inviting updated look, exposed red brick walls, evergreen is up-scale dining with a down-home feeling.
Nothing brings people together like great food so

Dwight and Ruth, along with their son Cameren, purchased the building in 2013. After much needed repairs, it was re-opened in October 2015. Keeping the evergreen name, not as a café, but as a casual fine dining eatery. Where the atmosphere is relaxed, family friendly with a sense of community and more fun than formal.
(574) 223-3837